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Melissa-Marie & Cynthia surprise proposal {Ottawa}

Pour some coffee and get comfy, because I have a story for you!

I met Melissa-Marie through my husband, he and Melissa-Marie used to work together waayy back in their tour guide days. To keep everyone happy I won’t say how long ago that was 😉 . I heard so many fun MM stories that I finally said “lets have dinner, then I can meet her.” So we invited a bunch of friends over for dinner including the famous MM. At the end of dinner when my checks hurt from laughing I pretty much got why he thought she was so great.

“Well” she said before I could refill her wine glass “sorry to dine and dash but I have a date.” there was a chorous of “ooohhhh!” from the peanut gallery (obviously. We’re all over grown children, really) and she proceeded to tell us about Cynthia and their first few dates. Grinning the entire time. And the rest as they say is history…

Until one day in November when I got an email from the lovely Cynthia. ‘I know we haven’t met’ she said, ‘but Melissa-Marie tells me she only cares about two things when we get married. Marrying me, and you there to photograph it.’ AMAZING! I LOVE HEARING THAT! (I cannot over-state this enough. It is the ultimate compliment, one that I have received from a few clients and it makes my heart smile every time). But back to Cynthia;  ‘So’ she wrote ‘I thought I would do her one better. Will you photograph the surprise proposal? And then do a short photo session for us?’


This plan consisted of:

3 phone calls

9 emails

1 close call – Cynthia is not a good liar 🙂

1 trip to Mexico

2 changes of plan – see above.


LGBT surprise proposal outdoor winter picnicLGBT.proposal.engagement.picnic.winter.ottawa-3LGBT.proposal.engagement.picnic.winter.ottawa-4LGBT.proposal.engagement.picnic.winter.ottawa-5LGBT.proposal.engagement.picnic.winter.ottawa.2LGBT.proposal.engagement.picnic.winter.ottawa-6LGBT.proposal.engagement.picnic.winter.ottawa-7

Of course she said yes! And then they came around the corner to see the surprise picnic I had laid out for them.


Big congratulations to both of you, from the peanut gallery!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    OMG !!!! JANINE !!!! It worth every email and ackwards moments to hide it to my fiancée !! I can’t be more satisfy by all the process. You make us verry confortable. As I ask you, you choose a verry discreet place and the perfect moment. I really appreciate that! You make it easy for me who dont speak english verry well too ! I recommand to anybody but for sure for gay couple who want to be 100% confortable and respectfull ! Yourre are the best of the best and even more !! See you at our weding 🙂 !!!

  2. tilou says:

    wow this is the mother’s heart is happy to see her daughter happy thanks to these beautiful pictures that expresses so much love
    you make me even shed tears
    congratulations to both of you and welcome to my family you beautiful Melissa

  3. Graeme says:

    Best session yet!!

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    (and am I old enough now that I have to hide how long ago things are? Noooooo!!!!!!!!)

  4. Jean robillard says:

    WoW wow les filles c est très beaux Félicitation. Je suis très fières de vous Plein de bonheur et d Amour Merci je vous aime. . Xxx

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