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Favourite Frame – a new feature

Favourite Frame

In honour of the new year I am going to have a few new features on the blog. The first of these is ‘Favourite Frame’. Sometimes there is an image from a recent shoot that just reminds you… ah yeah… thats why I do this. It isn’t always everyone else favourite image from the day or even the most representative but for its colour/light/texture/depth/whatever it says to me. Keep going! be inspired! You are meant to do this! In short I LOVE those frames. I find them in others work often, and it is a joy to find them in my own.

To that end I thought I would create a blog section called favourite frame using both new and older images and share why they inspire me. Feel free to comment and share what inspires you. This feature section will be updated regularly (hopefully), and be a fun monday morning addition to the blog. Happy Monday and happy caffeinating to you, I know I am 🙂


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