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Higgins Family {Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa}

I met the Higgins family yesterday at Rockcliffe park for fun and easy family session. These guys were so much fun! Between Noah’s toothless grin and his love of -soon to be joining- us baby brother Liam (Michelle is due in September) I couldn’t decide which was cuter.

Thanks for spending a fun and sun-shiny afternoon at the park with me guys!

Higgins.Family-34 Higgins.Family-39 Higgins.Family-48 Higgins.Family-50 Higgins.Family-55 Higgins.Family-60 Higgins.Family-72 Higgins.Family-78 Higgins.Family-67 Higgins.Family-86 Higgins.Family-95 Higgins.Family-98 Higgins.Family-107 Higgins.Family-143 Higgins.Family-170 Higgins.Family-180 Higgins.Family-205 Higgins.Family-208

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