Valerie & Jesse {Wedding} – Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver BC

Valerie & Jesse, I enjoy these two so much. They are totally completely themselves at all times, from their shared love of rabbits to star wars they found a way to make their day totally them. The cake toppers were rabbits (in fact their engagement session in Minoru Park involved a few real rabbits) and the entrance music was the star wars theme. I know all you guys out there are jealously thinking, I wanted star wars music at my wedding…. well sorry Valerie is one of a kind and she’s taken 🙂 Being themselves is great, but to add to that these two selves are mirror images of each other. They are unapologetically head over heels in love with each other. Not in that get-a-room way, more in the ah-i-found-you….we-fit-way.

Also I think of all the groom’s thank you speeches I have ever heard this one was the most touching. Jesse had not only his wife, most of his friends, his parents, nearly all the guests, and himself in tears; he also had me a little misty.

Thank You both for inviting me to capture you moment.

Vancouver aquarium ottawa wedding photographer intuition photographyVancouver aquarium ottawa wedding photographer intuition photography

and one of the most unique shots of the night (I told you these two were special)

Vancouver aquarium ottawa wedding photographer intuition photography

The Journal


  1. Gaye Bell says:

    A truly magical photo!!!!

  2. Sara says:

    What an amazing photo with the whale! That’s the one I couldn’t wait to see!

  3. BB says:

    What a fabulous picture!!!

  4. Monica R says:

    What a fabulous photo!!!!The aquarium should buy this one from you!!! So graceful and classy.

  5. Thanks all! What a cooperative Beluga we had 🙂

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