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This is the longest blog post in history! Longest in terms of time, don’t worry I wont make you read War & Peace. I have been writing this for weeks… so here it is, a week late. Because that’s my M.O.

In no particular order, 30 reasons I love you, (for your 30th birthday).


1. you get my stupid jokes

2. you make stupid jokes

3. I don’t know where the laundry room is in our building, because you do ALL the laundry.

4. you overly enjoy everything I cook for you (i.e. “Janine this is the best bowl of Cherrios, the world has ever known!”)

5. you make me laugh, sometimes when you mean to 😉

6. you call my studio, ‘Intuition Photography’s national headquarters’ that makes me feel important, even when I’m editing in my pyjamas

7. man-made coffee

8. banana pancakes in bed

9. you believe in me. Always. No matter what.

10. a 10km walk is a short stroll to you.

11. your officially an author! which brings me to…

12. your work ethic amazes me. I respect that.

13. you respect me, and tell me I’m smart. I like that.

14. you are always, without fail supportive and in my corner.

15. your a chess geek, like my dad. I like him too. I like that you have things in common. Like Star Trek, since we don’t have that in common.

16. you have a smile that makes other people smile

17. you are the WORST  liar I have ever met

18. you want to see the world with me

19. you patiently wait while I attempt to photograph the whole world. One frame at a time.

20. your dedication to improving your corner of the world, which brings me to….

21. you make me want to improve my corner of the world

22. you challenge me. A lot. in a good way.

23. you like hiking with me

24. you humour me when I make up words and tell me you like my “linguistic creativity”

25. Picnics.

26. Sangria, in Barcelona, on the balcony.

27. Your taste in music

28. Which reminds me of your Hayden shirt. I love that shirt.

29. You make me feel like the most beautiful woman in every room.

30. I love you!

Happy Birthday

i love you

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  1. Graeme says:

    What can I say, I’m overwhelmed. It’s hard to believe that I could be the guy you’re describing. I’m sure there could be a list of more than 30 reasons I’m aggravating! But thank you, this was incredibly special. I love your giant heart, your versatile intelligence, your addictive sunshine smile, singing in the car and most of all spending every day with you.

  2. Gaye Bell says:

    OMG I am in tears. What a beautiful list!!!! I am so happy that you found each other!!!!

  3. BB says:

    Beautiful sentiments lovingly expressed, very nice..

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