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Algonquin Park, a Yurt & a Moose!


For Graeme’s 30th birthday I gave him…. *drumroll*….. 3 nights in a yurt! This was way cooler than it might sound, and was something that Graeme has talked about for a while. Actually ‘yurt’ comes up at our dinner table far more than you might think. As in;

“Janine I want to live off the grid. Solar panels, Yurt, rain water tanks, the whole deal.”

“Sure dear, why don’t you set it up in the front yard.”

“Really?!?!?! AMAZING!”

“Of course, but do I have your permission to hose you down if/when you begin to scare neighbourhood children?”

“*sigh* I guess.”

And so, 3 days in a yurt was born. We made a super Canadian weekend out of it, listed to the Tragically Hip while we drove into algonquin park for a weekend filled with hiking, yurts, swimming, campfires, and mosquitoes the size of small birds. Enjoy! No bug repellent necessary 🙂

Algonquin Park lake Algonquin Park Yurt

Home Sweet YurtHiking.Algonquin.Park-31Algonquin Park Yurt Hiking.Algonquin.Park-4 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-5 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-6

We found a covered bridge.Hiking.Algonquin.Park-7 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-8

So of course Graeme turned into a headless horseman…. naturallyHiking.Algonquin.Park-9 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-10 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-11

Hiking at Beaver PondHiking.Algonquin.Park-12 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-13 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-14 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-15 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-16 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-17 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-18

I couldn’t agree more…Hiking.Algonquin.Park-19 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-20 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-21

Hiking at Booth Rock, muscles and all, I didn’t want to scare anyone so I didn’t flex mine 😉Hiking.Algonquin.Park-22 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-23

Made it to the top of Wolf Rock, so naturally (again) Graeme turned into a wolf – howling at the moon.


I chose to laughHiking.Algonquin.Park-25 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-26 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-27

Saw a momma moose and her baby. Unfortunately there were a lot of trees in the way and she soon figured out I was there.

Needless to say I didn’t want to stick around for a better shot….Hiking.Algonquin.Park-28 Hiking.Algonquin.Park-29

  1. jack Rio says:

    Great Pics

  2. Florence Lewter says:

    It looks like you have give quite a gift to him. The place is gorgeous of course as I myself and family visits Algonquin park every other year. Though we never stayed at yurts. We used to stay at algonquin park lodge and occasional camping trips. The photos in this blog are marvelous. Keep up the good work.

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