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As you might know, I really enjoy practising yoga. I do it every chance I get, along with running it keeps me sane when I’ve had a day of crying babies, or so much editing my eyes are square. I used to always think to myself ‘wouldn’t it be fun to be able to teach Yoga?’ This was immediately followed by, ‘that’s ridiculous, I couldn’t do that.’ Then one day this past winter, alone with my computer, not yet knowing anyone in Ottawa, I did something rash. I signed up online for teacher training. Paid. Enrolled. No going back now.

I immediately thought, ‘what have I done??!?!?!’

I won’t be able to keep up, everyone will be an expert. I wonder if I can undo this? Luckily I didn’t try to get out of it, which turned out to be one of my best decisions yet. S0 here is a little slice of some of my favourite days in Ottawa so far. A very cool experience, had with some amazing people, and wonderful teachers. Enjoy the ride, I am!

Namaste 🙂


Ottawa_wedding_photographer-38 blog1 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-4 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-3Ottawa_wedding_photographer-12 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-41

Mostly we work really hard…Ottawa_wedding_photographer-43 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-42 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-18Ottawa_wedding_photographer-40 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-15 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-13blog6 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-14 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-10Ottawa_wedding_photographer-7Ottawa_wedding_photographer-9Ottawa_wedding_photographer-46 Blog2

Sometimes we do this… pillow fort yoga! I mean restorative yoga 😉blog3 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-22blog4Ottawa_wedding_photographer-21 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-25 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-27blog7

Sometimes we do this…. but still sitting in half Lotus, so that counts 🙂 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-39

and sometimes… it all goes out the window!Ottawa_wedding_photographer-24Ottawa_wedding_photographer-36blog5 Ottawa_wedding_photographer-33 blog8Stay tuned for the next update, inversions!

Yes we are all really upside-down I didn’t just flip the images 🙂

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