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Alexandra + Brian {engaged}

Alex and Brian were so real, it was wonderful. They took me to one of their favourite towns, Carp ONT. and allowed me to see what its like to be them on a sunny sunday afternoon… only this time they were being photographed.

I really love when couples are able to open up, relax and enjoy the session. Showing me part of you makes the images that result more authentic, more real, more you guys. Thank you for not only showing me a glimpse of your lives, but also for following it up with one of the best dinners in living memory.

I had a wonderful time with you both and cant wait for the wedding!

Alexandra.Brian.Engagement-47 Carp.Engagement-14 Carp.Engagement-16 Carp.Engagement-20 Carp.Engagement-23 Carp.Engagement-36 Carp.Engagement-41 Carp.Engagement-44 Carp.Engagement-47 Carp.Engagement-49 Carp.Engagement-65Ottawa_wedding_photographer-113-2 Carp.Engagement-68 Carp.Engagement-74 Carp.Engagement-94Ottawa_wedding_photographer-113-3 Carp.Engagement-95 Carp.Engagement-101 Carp.Engagement-105 Carp.Engagement-109 Carp.Engagement-110Carp.Engagement-104 Carp.Engagement-106 Carp.Engagement-108

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