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Ryan & Michelle’s First Look {New Edinburgh, Bridge} Ottawa, ON

You all know how I love a first look! The anticipation, the sheer torture… you can even hear each other! Your fiancé is… RIGHT THERE and all you can do is wait… for the mean photographer to tell you you can look 🙂

Well here is a first look at Michelle and Ryan’s first look, a beauty. As with the engagement session it was start to finish fun with these guys.

I think my favourite is Ryan’s hurry up and let me see her face…

Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-1 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-2Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-100 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-101

thats the face. Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-3 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-4

Michelle was not having fun with this at all… as you can see. Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-5 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-6 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-7 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-8 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-9 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-10 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-11 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-12Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-102 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-103 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-52 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-13 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-14 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-15Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-51 Ottawa.Rowing.Club.Dock.Wedding.First.Look-16

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