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My NYC – Part Two {Central Park} New York City, NY


Since all of NYC’s loveliness would not cram into one blog post (and I wasn’t done editing the photos), here it is day two in NYC. Now back to the work they pay me for 🙂

On my next editing break, I will …er… edit (wow I’m cool) the rest of the trip photos and post the final instalment, day 3… coincidentally titled My NYC – Part THREE.

Oh and in case you missed it, part ONE can be found hereNew.York.City-60

A little stroll through central parkNew.York.City-61 New.York.City-62 New.York.City-63 New.York.City-64New.York.City-121 New.York.City-120 New.York.City-65 New.York.City-66 New.York.City-67 New.York.City-68New.York.City-70 New.York.City-69 New.York.City-71

John Lennon memorial ‘strawberry fields’New.York.City-72 New.York.City-75New.York.City-74

Williamsburg is deliciousNew.York.City-73 New.York.City-76

a Brooklyn block party, grab your chairs and come along.New.York.City-77 New.York.City-78 New.York.City-79

In case you were wondering where the PacMan ghosts are hiding… they are living in Brooklyn, along with all the hipsters.New.York.City-80 New.York.City-82 New.York.City-83New.York.City-81 New.York.City-84 New.York.City-85

I developed a fascination with subway stations….New.York.City-86 New.York.City-87 New.York.City-88 New.York.City-89as you can see…

  1. judy says:

    And I thought Stanley Park was pretty special!! I had no idea Central Park was so huge and green and full of activities! I too enjoy taking photos of train and subway tracks, so I love your new fascination. Thanks for sharing.

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