the final frontier… or at least my last nyc post. {Brooklyn Bridge} NYC, USA

Here it is *tear* the last and final instalment of our three AMAZING days in NYC.

NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-123 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-124 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-125 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-126 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-127 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-128NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-122 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-129NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-130NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-203 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-202 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-131 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-132 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-133 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-134 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-135

My future home. We took a picture so we wouldn’t forget the street corner in Brooklyn Heights since we liked it so much. Then we started trying to pronounce our future street name, the conversation went like this;

Janine: “We can’t live here I can’t say that.”

Graeme: “Say what”

Janine: “that street Jor …. yar…. jar…. Joralemon?”

Graeme: “sure its easy” (phonetically sounding it out) “Your-a-lemon”

Janine: “NO YOU’RE A LEMON!!!!” (hysterical laughter at my own joke despite drawing looks from pedestrians). yes I laugh at my own jokes, but thats an issue for another day.

This of course resulted in me randomly yelling out “YOU’RE A LEMON!” throughout the rest of the day. Natch.

NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-136NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-204 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-206 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-137 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-138

I can’t remember which brilliant friend told us to go to this… but you are indeed a genius. This is a whole market of gourmet take-out/ take-home foods in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Delish!NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-139 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-140 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-141

A “pop-up pool” in Brooklyn. Perhaps someone needs to explain the concept of a “pop-up” thing to Brooklyites (is that a word?). Pop-up means temporary, here for a short time, great deals to found etc.

A cement pool does not qualify as temporary.NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-142NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-220

and so we did….NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-143 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-144 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-145 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-146 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-147

NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-149NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-148 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-150NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-207 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-206 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-151

This is my ‘I’m-going-on-my-very-FIRST-successful-pub-crawl face’

Oh sure I’ve tried to pub crawl, like everyone else back in university. What happened you ask? $10 pitchers at the Cambie happened. Again, again and again. 1 pub does not equal a crawl but thanks for coming out.

So NYC at 30 years old was the site of my very first SUCCESSFUL pub crawl. NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-153NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-152

Team Truelove, wound up the night after visiting 4 pubs in the East Village and Nolita. A victory indeed!NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-154 NYC.New.York.City.Brooklyn.Bridge-155

In case you want more…. try NYC Part One and NYC Part Two

But don’t worry I’ll understand if you over all my chatter about New York.

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