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Meaghan & Julien First Look {The Westin} Ottawa, ON


Meaghan and Julien had a beautiful wedding this past Saturday at Le Metropolitian Brasserie. But before we went to the ceremony they decided that when they saw each-other for the first time they wanted it to be just the two of them. This sweet intimate moment took place in a gorgeous suite at the Westin. More of their lovely wedding to follow.

Julien’s reaction is my fave 🙂

Scroll down and check it out.

First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-1 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-3 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-4First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-20-2 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-5 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-6 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-7 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-8 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-9First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-21-2 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-10First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-21 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-20 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-11 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-12 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-13First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-23 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-22 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-14 First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-15First.Look.Wedding.Photots.Westin.Ottawa-22-2

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