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My NYC {Times Square} New York, NY

As you may know I’m pretty sure I have the best husband in the world. This June I turned 30. Yup… Im there. good-bye twenties, you will be missed. To mark this occasion my super-fabulous hubby gave me something I have always wanted. A trip to NYC!

On the morning of my birthday I woke up to;

– Frank Sinatra singing ‘new york new york’

– an atlas opened to the NewYork state page.

– and one very excited husband

Though it was only 6:30 in the morning I started yelling, and may have even done an I’m-going-to-New-York dance. Yes thats right I (me, Janine) LEAPT OUT OF BED AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING. Those of you that know me well will know that basically only christmas morning can produce this rarely seen effect. But there I was, shaking it to Frank pre-coffee. And so began a week’s worth of ‘what should we do in NYC chats?’ I solicited advice on Facebook from friends, texted, bought guide books and googled. and then…. we were off.

Here is the first half of our 3 day NYC whirlwind… more to follow when I take the next editing break 🙂

New.York.City-54 New.York.City-8New.York.City-7I took approximately a gazillion pictures of the Guggenheim

New.York.City-9Did you know there was a rooftop garden at the Met?

New.York.City-10New.York.City-4 New.York.City-3 New.York.City-2 New.York.City-11 New.York.City-12 New.York.City-13Grand Central is as busy as they say.

New.York.City-14 New.York.City-15 New.York.City-16 New.York.City-17 New.York.City-19 New.York.City-20 New.York.City-21Bryant Park, where free movies are shown every monday night.

New.York.City-22 New.York.City-23 New.York.City-24They also serve deliciousness in the form Strawberry Margs at the Bryant Park Grill


Graeme actually discovered Bryant Park was his heaven on earth. it has;

The original NYC Library branch in a beautiful old building, free movies in the park & free board games anyone can sign out and play, all housed in a beautiful downtown park.

New.York.City-26New.York.City-6 New.York.City-5 New.York.City-27It was pride weekend in NYC, I liked Lululemon’s sign the best, but there were tons!

New.York.City-28 New.York.City-29the Highline

New.York.City-30Ah Chelsea Market, this may have been my heaven, fresh local mostly organic deliciousness.

New.York.City-31 New.York.City-32 New.York.City-33 New.York.City-34 New.York.City-35 New.York.City-36 New.York.City-37This sign was actually in the Chelsea Market “Wine’s with Funny names” we thought it was hilarious, because Savoie is a friend of ours last name. So for you Jolene.

New.York.City-56 New.York.City-58New.York.City-38 New.York.City-39 New.York.City-41 New.York.City-42 New.York.City-43 New.York.City-44 New.York.City-45 New.York.City-46Hipster husband. well not really, carrying my hat for me. just on his head.

New.York.City-47 New.York.City-48New.York.City-40New.York.City-1 New.York.City-49 New.York.City-50Hudson River Park at Pier 40

New.York.City-51 New.York.City-52 New.York.City-53

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  1. judy says:

    Fabulous!! I too would love to go! I had no idea NYC was clean, bright, uncrowded and even traditionally scenic. It was also a treat to see that my son has learned how to take wonderful portraits!

  2. Graeme says:

    Fantastic collection! What a photogenic place, when you know where to look. Super proud that a few from Intuition’s Junior Vice President made it in there!

  3. Dave says:

    Great pictures! I love train stations.

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