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Steph & Evan {Parliament Hill & Sparks Street} Ottawa, ON


I met Steph in maybe my favourite bridal consult moment of all time. I was at Bridgehead meeting the lovely Kizil to discuss plans for her upcoming wedding, when… a girl came up to me asking if I was Janine Truelove. “Yes” I said, thinking I hadn’t been married that long, so I must have met her recently… but where…. ah yes, the bridal show. “I’m Steph”, she said, “and I was just talking about you. I was on the phone with my mom telling her I’d like to book you for my wedding…and well… here you are. So if you have time after your meeting and a spare contract, lets do this!” And that is how one bridal consult turned into two weddings on back to back weekends in the fall. Oh Ottawa you are such a small town sometimes.

But back to their session. Steph and Evan had so much fun with their engagement photos. There was lots of laughter, LOTS of smiling, lots of hugs and mostly lots of love. Their classic good looks even rubbed off on Sparks street making the whole thing feel very elegant and almost European.

Cant wait for the wedding!

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