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A Serious Career Highlight

This is my best friend.

She is clearly beautiful, but she is also AMAZING!

She became even more amazing on March 24th when she gave birth to the two most perfect twin girls I have ever seen, EVER!

I can’t quite explain what it feels like to see someone you have shared barbies, bath-time, secrets, first loves, heart ache and all the ups and downs of your life with do something truly astounding. It was truly astounding because after the universe threw one road block after another at these two, this amazing woman kept those babies safe, happy and growing against some rather formidable odds. It was a force of will, and she is a force to be reckoned with. Good luck to the person who does those girls wrong one day.


Her husband is pretty cool too.

Not only is he one of my husbands best friends (this is actually how we met), but he is well…. me. If I had a brother or a male version of me walking around out there in the world, this would be pretty close to him. So naturally I think he is rather amazing also. In short I wouldn’t entrust the care of my best friend to anyone else.

I can’t wait to see the brilliant, beautiful and talented ladies that these girls grow into. I know that there will plenty who love them throughout their lives. I just hope they remember that I will always be one of them.

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