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Nicola + Craig {Winterlude Engagement} Ottawa

I got thrown into the deep end on this one. I’m just a nice girl from Vancouver, in Vancouver winter means +4 or if its really cold -1, get out the rain boots and umbrellas. During Nicola and Craig’s engagement session in Ottawa it was -25… wait I’m not done, with the wind-chill (FYI Vancouverites, here in Ontario there are these things called ‘wind-chills’ which make the temperature feel even colder, isnt that just the cherry on top)… so the temperature felt like -32! Yes -32 degrees C! Luckily for me I had a pro (weather pro that is, not a photographer) assisting me, Graeme. This is what happened while I packed my kit bag and got ready for the session;

Janine: “I dont know if I can shoot while wearing mittens.”

Graeme: “if you still want fingers, you better figure it out.”

Janine: “hmm ok.”

Graeme: “do you have long underwear on?”

Janine: *confused look* “I only wear that skiing, or when it’s really cold, like minus 30 cold.”

Graeme: *laughing* *MORE laughing* “I got news for you babe…..” *more laughter*

Despite all of this and me being wrapped in more layers than a 5 year old on a snow day, we had an excellent session. Nicola and Craig, Ottawa natives, were far more acclimatized than I and did a stellar job. Despite chilly conditions I got wonderful smiles and could really feel the love from these two. it’s enough to warm your heart 😉

So get some hot chocolate scroll down and enjoy!

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