New Years Resolutions

Ah New Years and the inevitable resolutions. Every year I make the same ones, or nearly the same ones. which means… wonder of wonders… that I am not achieving them. Or more specifically that they are too vague to be able to consider them ‘yes. check. done.’ I do part of them, or sometimes even most of them but have never had the satisfaction of saying on new years eve the following year; “mission accomplished!” So to that end, in case you were wondering why I was rambling on about failed savings plans and weight loss attempts, I would like to announce my resolution(s).

See the theory here is that by telling all of you (I am generously assuming that someone other than my mom is reading this… hi mom) I will have to follow through. So without further ado this years resolutions are;

1. to become a certified yoga teacher.

2. to begin a French class and start learning french

So there you have it. 2 very tangible and measurable goals. The box ticking sort of goals. Im pretty excited about these resolutions, so excited in fact that I’ve already started one of them. I found and signed up for a yoga teacher training program. As of August 24th, graduation day (sidebar, I wonder what yoga graduation is like… it must involve wheatgrass and incense… more on that later) I will be a certified Hatha Yoga teacher with a 200 hour certificate! I will probably make random yoga references and maybe include some photos of said incense filled graduation so now you will know what I’m talking about. Wish me luck… I might need it  🙂

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  1. Graeme says:

    French graduation includes poutine and beer.

    Félicitations! Bonne chance, j’ai beaucoup de confiance en toi.

  2. Brian Bell says:

    Then you can teach Yoga in . . . Hull!!

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