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Kirsten & Rob {Backyard Wedding} Richmond, BC

I met Kirsten and Rob it feels like… well… ages ago. It kind of was I guess. We met two years ago to begin wedding planning.

Kirsten contacted me and said “You have to shoot my wedding!”

“Great!” I said “When is it? Tell me all about it!”

“I don’t know when or where yet, but you’re photographing it!” was her answer…. extremely flattered though slightly confused pause on my end. Luckily she explained “Well we haven’t set a date, but my future husband is deaf and you are the only wedding photographer I can find that is hearing and speaks sign language. Soooo…. you must fly out BC and shoot my wedding!” *followed by her signature infectious laugh*.

Sold! That was it fast friends. In additional to actually being able to talk to Rob I found out, once we started yapping that we had something in common, he also loves photography (and Kirsten, who I gotta say I’m a pretty big fan of too).

Speaking of Kirsten her and I had a few things in common also, like a love of design… and all things baking. This girl has a future in wedding planning, She MADE, thats right you heard me MADE everything at this lovely wedding. But what took my breath away most were all the handmade desserts created by her and her talented family.

Check out this gorgeous dessert table!

DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-7 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-5 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-2 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-1-2DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-4 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-23

These sugar cookies are the sign language symbol for ‘I Love You’. Yup, they thought of everything!

DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-3 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-2-2DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-8 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-11

Even engraved forks that say “I do” and “Me too”


I would line up for this too, and there are very few things that I would line up for.

DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-20 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-21 DIY.Backyard.Wedding.Dessert.Table-22

Since Rob would not hear a traditional tinkling of glasses to signal a kiss from the bride and groom Kirsten made streamer do-dads on a stick for each guest to wave as a visual cue for Rob. Brilliant!



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