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Alli & Eric

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Alli. Actually I met her (and tons of other truly AMAZING people) at Yoga teacher training. We stayed in touch after training finished and I got a text message from her just days after graduation, saying;

‘i’m going to need you sooner than I thought’

‘oh do tell…’

‘Well Eric put a ring on it! So now I need pictures of it!’

I was so incredibly excited to hear this. Not only is Alli lovely, like a day at the spa for your soul wrapped in a little, smiley, vegan, blonde haired package. But the little family that her Eric and Higgins (the cutest Frenchy there is) have created just makes you smile. They all make each other so visibly happy its contagious.

Congratulations to you both. I cant wait to hear more about your plans, but for now….*drumroll* …. the ring. And the oh-my-god-we-just-engaged-so-we-need-photos-now Session!

Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-1 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-2 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-4 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-3 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-5 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-6 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-7 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-8 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-9 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-10 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-11 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-12 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-13 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-14 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-15 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-16 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-17Rock.Paper.Scisors Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-18 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-19 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-20 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-21 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-22 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-23 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-24 Rideau.Canal.Engagement.Ottawa-25


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