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Alex & Brian’s First Look {Museum of Aviation} Ottawa, ON


It seems appropriate that our first look at Alex and Brain’s wedding images should be their first look at each other 🙂

These two lovely people were so genuinely over-the-moon-excited to be marrying one another that the joy was just infectious on the big day. Stay tuned for a full post of their wedding loveliness, which took place at the museum on aviation, in Ottawa.

Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-100Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-6 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-8Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-101 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-9 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-12Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-102 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-13 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-14 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-15 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-18 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-19 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-20 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-21 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-25 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-26 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-27 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-28 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-29 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-30Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-22 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-31 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-32 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-33 Museum.of.Aviation.Wedding.Ottawa-34


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