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A Snowy Walk {Ottawa}

Yesterday was very productive and very boring. Photographers don’t do quite as much of the super awesome high fashion diva-ness that most people think we do . A lot of my job is quality bonding time with my computer, my coffee mug and my favourite pair of sweats. Thats right, the bain of my existence… editing! Sexy, heck no. Just like any job there are monotonous elements to this one also. While I truly do love my clients, hearing their stories, and capturing they’re beautiful and unique wedding days, I really could do without editing and colour corrections for the REST of my life. Thankfully I got some great advice early on from an AMAZING Vancouver photographer, she told me “shoot it right, and you’ll spend less time in front of your computer.” She was so right! I took her advice and always take the time to set up my shots properly, but even so there are a few teaks needed to make it mine. And like any artist, I never feel something is truly ‘done’ I could fiddle for hours with a session. And that is exactly what I was doing yesterday, fiddling. Playing with something that was ‘done’ and trying to make it better. When Graeme walked in.

He took one look at me, wearing his sweats (yup my favs aren’t even really mine) and said

“have you left here since I went to work”

“no…well I went into the kitchen and made more coffee” *without looking up from the image I was editing*

“come on, were going for a walk, its beautiful out there.”

“mmmm” *non-comittal grunt*

“Bring your camera”

then I was all ears, bring my camera? “why?! Where are we going?”

Well this is where we went…..

ottawa river walk snow sunsetottawa river walk snow march eveningottawa river snow walk eveningsnowsnow ottawa riverJanine Ottawa wedding photographer snowphotographer Janine Bell ottawasnowy river ottawa walkottawa photographer Janine wedding

A lovely neighbourhood walk. I was refreshed. Fixed. Rejuvenated.  Ready to get back at it 🙂

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  1. Graeme says:

    Great shots of a great evening!

    One of the most under-rated spots in the city.

    I wonder if anyone can guess where, or if we can keep it a secret!

  2. Judy says:

    Heh, heh, I recognize the spot from such photos as…mine! I won’t tell, though, if you want it kept secret.
    G, that is one great author shot, if you mean the first one, smiling, not laughing. Or you could go with the boots! Gorgeous ones of Janine, too!

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