52 Dates

So as you might know I recently moved to Ottawa. Graeme (the boyfriend) has been living in Ottawa for the last 10 years and LOVES it here. I can see why it’s a beautiful city, with its own sort of small town feel. I’m a pretty adaptable sort, but in order to ensure that I enjoy it here right off the bat he has decided that for my first year here he will show me everything Ottawa has to offer.

The Plan

  • One date for every weekend of my first year in ottawa
  • All dates are a surprise (I LOVE SURPRISES) I don’t know where we are going, just get a “dress nice” or “dress warm” recommendation….. more on that later….
  • Before I got here he asked his friends what their Ottawa highlights were. So there are a few people interested in what date we are on, and asking “have you done ours yet?” Super fun!

Pretty great right! I know I’m pretty lucky.

I’m so excited for this. I will keep you posted on what the dates are 🙂


The Journal


  1. […] date number 6 (in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, there’s an explanation here). It was also nearly 6 months of me living in Ottawa. At this rate we figure it will take us 4 and […]

  2. Sarah says:

    wow what a cool idea! I hope you enjoy Ottawa.

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