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Yoga Teacher Training Graduation

So I’m crazy behind writing this. I have been telling myself that I wanted to be able to give this post the time it deserves, to properly express how I felt about teacher training and the impact that it had on me. My schedule has been crazy lately and work has been incredibly busy.

But I don’t think thats the problem. If I write about the end of teacher training it is really and truly over. Something I don’t yet want to acknowledge. This might sounds dramatic but an end to this life altering experience will take some time to process. I have never met a more trusting, supportive, happy and encouraging group of people than gathered in the Earth Room at Rama Lotus each and every day for 9 hours a day over the months of July and August. We all signed up to learn more about yoga, deepen our own paratice of this ancient tradion as well as gain the capacity to teach it to others. In fact what I wound up learning (cliche on the way) was mostly about myself.

(another cliche on the way) They say when you teach you learn twice. In my case I couldn’t agree more. Leaving that – incredibly hot – room at the end of every day I had that happy contented totally drained feeling that comes after you’ve accomplished something worthwhile. Learning technically about the poses I signed up to learn inside out wound up being a side benefit. Something that yes I absorbed (and very well I might add, thanks to Abe & Matt) but it was not the primary gain. The primary gain was a sense of self, an acceptance of not only who I am but what I stand for and my difference from those around me. What I can contribute, what each of us as individuals have to offer. This is a very powerful thing to give someone, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you Abe, Matt and all the staff at Rama who made this happen. An equally big thank you to all of my fellow newbie yoga teacher friends who by their presence created the environment they did. You have each in your own way changed my life for the better, thank you for being a part of it.


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Ottawa

Oh whats that…. you’re STILL waiting for pictures…. well wait no more. The full gallery is available for download here.

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