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Watson’s Mill Engagement {Manotick}

Sloane & Shawn are tying the knot next fall and I am so excited to be a part of their big day. In the mean time we decided to head out to Watsons’s Mill in Manotick to shoot their engagement session. It was a gorgeous day, filled with light, river spray, and lots of snuggling.


 Watsons.Mill.MaotickWatson's Mill Manotick Engagement PhotosWatson's Mill Manotick Engagement PhotosWatsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-26-2Watson's Mill Manotick Engagement PhotosWatsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-30Watsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-40Watsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-48Watsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-49Watsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-111Watson's Mill Manotick Engagement PhotosWatsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-121Watsons.Mill.Manotick.Ottawa.Hertiage.Stone.Engagement-123Watson's Mill Manotick Engagement PhotosWatson's Mill Manotick Engagement Photos

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