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Vancouver here I come


Well its official (don’t judge), I am a cliche. Here I sit in a Starbucks in the Ottawa airport waiting for my flight, drinking a coffee and blogging on my macbook. If I weren’t in for such a fun few weeks I would be reflecting on my lack of originality as we speak, alas no time for that. I am on my way to photograph not one but 3 christmas weddings. Not to mention see my own family and friends, do my christmas shopping, squeeze in a few awesome girls nights, and celebrate my dad’s birthday.

In case you don’t know I am a Christmas nut, like christmas crazy. One of those people who decorates in November, and drives her boyfriend insane listening to christmas cd’s on repeat (sorry Graeme). So when I had not one but 3 couples come to me this year and say ‘We are getting married at Christmas, are you available?’ I thought Christmas weddings, two of my favourite things together! HECK YES I’m available! Needless to say I am very excited for your big day Karla & Erik. As well as yours Sondra & Alex and last but not least equally pumped for Valerie & Jesse.

Cant wait guys! Merry christmas and happy final few days of wedding planning!

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