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Skeleton Lake

Sometimes there are things you forget how much you missed until they return. This past weekend I had a couple of those ‘oh-ya-I-do-love-this’ moments. But let me back up and start from the start.

The year was 1974 …. I’m just kidding. I wont back up all the way, here’s the abridged version;

My parents still have a group of friends from university, Ryerson University to be exact. 40 years later this ‘study group’ are still best buddies, and they still call themselves the Ry-High Gang (true story). They have been a part of my life since the day I can remember. Nearly every awesome memory I have of being a kid comes from a weekend at one of their cottages, camping (all 38 of us), or general mischief we managed to get ourselves into – peter hawthorne, I’m looking at you… 🙂 So these folks, many of whom I still call auntie and uncle (even though it was explained to me at 8 that I didn’t have like 30 aunts and uncles) were a big part of my life. A big extended family. I always felt super special to be Ry-High-2nd-Generation. Then we moved, got older, kids moved, kids had kids (yup theres a 3rd generation Ry-High now) and things changed. You know how it is life evolves and you move forward, but that doesn’t mean you forget…

This weekend I was reminded how lucky I am to have had watermelon seed spitting competitions on the Malanowski’s dock. Swimming races at the Watson’s cottage. Exploring adventures at the Hawthorne’s. Reptilian scares at the Brederwold’s. Potato sack race’s at the Doering’s. Debate’s over which Palermo twin was which. So here are a few photos of the place I call home, that is wherever this extened family of mine happens to be, in this case Skeleton Lake.



There’s that third generation cute-nessSkeleton.Lake.June.2013-14 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-11 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-21 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-24 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-30 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-16 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-33 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-9 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-34 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-19Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-47 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-53 SkeletonLake1 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-57

Martin: “Oh look, a dock spider.”

Graeme: “Whats a dock spider?”

Ryan: “That.”

Graeme: “Oh… um…. *gulp*… wow.”Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-61 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-64 SkeletonLake Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-66 SkeletonLake2 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-72 Skeleton.Lake.June.2013-74

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  1. BB says:

    Good pictures and nice blog post!

  2. Brenda Watson says:

    Hi Janine!
    I love your blog. You summed up all of our feelings beautifully. We are a very lucky group of people, all 3 generations of us Ry-Highers.
    Much love,

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