- 1.5 hours of photography
-Online gallery of images
- High resolution digital files so you can print and share to your heart's content
- shot in a beautiful location of your choice

whatever you are documenting...

an excellent photo session with yours truly 

photo session $450

take me with you.

Crafted with Purpose, soul, and story.

i love humans (dogs too, but humans more)

Love makes the world go 'round. Let's document your love. Is it your partner? a squishy new baby? an excellent business you created? a crazy new puppy? (please be a puppy!) 

Whatever it is I want to document it for you. 

Our Story

You just want them... like you got new jeans that you NEED pictures of yourself in! I hear that. 

It's been ages! Like you wore matching outfits the last time you had photos taken...ages!

you had a baby and there are now more people living in your house than there are in the photos on the walls

"you" are now a "we", happily coupled up.

might be time for new pictures if...

"Thank you thank you thank you!! I probably write the same thing every time, but truly, thank you. It brought me such joy to scroll through the beautiful pictures.
You're awesome :)"

what clients are saying

Marissa LePage - Ottawa, Ontario. family Session


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It's like a warm coffee on a chilly day