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Joe & Erin {Rocky Point Park} Port Moody, B.C.


Did you ever have one of those friends who you haven’t seen in ages (too long!) and then you see them again and its as if almost no time has passed. You still get each others jokes and instantly remember why they were such a great big important part of your life in the first place. Well … yes I am winding up to something here… that is exactly what happened when I met up with Joe and Erin for their engagement session.

Through most of High school Joe was on of my best friends. University moved Joe to Victoria where he met… yup, Erin! Let me tell you how fantastic this girl is, I met her and right off the bat (sorry couldn’t resist a baseball reference Joe) I knew they were perfect for each other. After our session and a bottle of wine later I was thinking, ‘i couldn’t have picked someone more made for Joe if I had created her out of thin air’. These two just work. I am so happy you have found each other, and couldn’t be more excited to capture your big day.

Mushy stuff over.

Love ya guys. (ok now I’m done).

Rocky.Point.Engagement.PortMoodyBC.CoverRocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-7 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-8 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-9Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-15 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-6 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-5 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-10 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-11Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-16 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-4 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-3 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-2 Rocky.Point.Engagement.Photos-12

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