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Meet the new Intuition

Hi There.

Welcome to Intuition Photography. You might be new, or an old friend, or just wondering about our changes. So let’s chat.

If you’re new, then Hi. I’m Janine. Coffee-holic, photographer, and lover of love stories. Also the wold’s worst speller (I literally just spelled that wrong and had to fix it) so forgive me in advance…

If you’re an old friend, then I’m glad you’re back.

Wonder why Intuition looks so different? Well, with our recent move allllll the way across the country I decided that it was time for a re-vamp and a new look. Hello Ottawa, meet the new Intuition, brand spanking new, just for you. We still provide the same outsanding work as in Vancouver, but now it’s done under this pretty new logo, and in our pretty new offices (pictures of the studio to come). I hope you’ll stop by the blog and leave me a message, whenever the mood strikes, I do love messages. who doesn’t love getting mail that isn’t a bill?!?!

This is the new us! I am so excited about all of the changes taking place at Intuition Photography. Over the next few weeks, you will see not only our beautiful new logo (designed by the lovely folks at Slide Sideways), and of course our pretty new blog, but also the unveiling of a brand new website in 2013. None of these changes could have been acomplished without the incredible talent of Kristy at Wreckless Creative. So I guess my first real post on my shiny pretty new blog, is… THANK YOU to the folks who made it happen!

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  1. Judy says:

    This blog is wonderful! I love all the connections we can make from here. I’m not very familiar with blogs in general, so to me this looks like a more-than-usually-interactive website…which I guess is what it is! Hope it creates lots of Ottawa buzz for you!

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