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Going green… environmentally that is, not with envy

Decision made! I’ve been thinking for awhile now that with the switch I made to digital – *sigh* I do miss the film, but its so expensive. Anyway I digress – This opens up the possibility of a smaller carbon footprint. Overall a more environmentally friendly Intuition Photography 🙂 (YAY!)

So to that end I am bringing in new albums, new DVD cases and creative new products to showcase your lovely images and give mother nature a hug, all at the same time!

nora& Will

Albums will now feature 100% recycled paper, fair trade fabric wrap, and 100% recycled paper slip covers. Still the same great quality and images, just even better for the album fagger wedding

Images of DVD cases, frames, and images boxes will be coming shortly… just as soon as my lovely new samples arrive.

Also stay tuned for some photos of my studio, I’ve had a few studio related questions, so there will be an upcoming blog post about ‘the yellow room’ as it is occasionally referred to 🙂

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  1. Graeme says:

    Good move, Intuition!

    I’m always happy to see companies answer the call and become more environmentally friendly.

    When we think of what business/industry can do to be better planetary citizens (and they can do a lot!) we often forget that the rest of us, small businesses and plain old citizens, have a footprint, too, and that we also have to do our part.

    Photography is already a pretty green business, but every little bit counts!!

    So, congratulations to Intuition Photography on making this choice!

    Nice to see fair trade products in there, too. I think the environment is priority one, but it’s not just about a clean and healthy environment, it’s about living within that environment in a way that grants everyone peace, health and dignity, too.

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