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Date #3 {Christmas lights on the Hill}

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! Like 4 year-old-bouncing-off-the-walls-excited-for-2-months LOVE CHRISTMAS! So when I got this very cryptic very James Bond-esque message from Graeme yesterday I was intrigued…

‘meet me at the flame @ 5:45pm’

What does one wear to this sort of a cloak and dagger meet-up? I agonized…but since it’s late November in Ottawa I struck a happy medium between pretty and practical (those two things being the opposite of synonymous, as all you girls out there are aware of). I arrived at the flame, along with zillions of other people, and there was Graeme (who also struck a balance between warm and handsome) holding 2 cups of hot chocolate.

“wow what is this babe?” – Janine

“they are lighting the christmas lights tonight, I thought you might like it.” – Graeme

SCREECH – drawing looks from those around us- Janine

“I’ll take that as a good thing” – Graeme

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