Chrystelle & Jason {Le Belvedere} Wakefield, QC

Chrystelle is lovely, when I met her for coffee and we showed up wearing the same scarf and then ordered the same drink I knew I had to be a part of this girl’s day! Not surprisingly, she picked a pretty good guy too. Jason is, easy going and able to laugh about most anything. Which is good… since 2 weeks before the wedding Chrystelle asked to meet me for a coffee date and “review some things” (cue ominous music). While this is not uncommon for me to do with brides close to the wedding I was curious/intrigued by the phrasing. Chrystelle was waiting for me at the coffee shop when I arrived, looking carefree and happy, we had a chat about timing, photo locations, lots of regular things and then just as I’m about to leave she very calmly slips in; “oh also… Jason has broken his leg in 3 places, he is currently in a wheelchair, and we are hoping for crutches by the wedding, but he won’t be able to stand for more than 10 – 15 mins at a time.” *trademark Chrystelle grin* “will that be ok for photos?”

My jaw hit the table! How will they dance? How & where will we do photos? How will he get down the aisle? I thought all of these things, but had the good sense to smile back and say… “oh thats terrible, but not to worry. we’ll be fine.” And we were fine, better than fine! With all the help from Jason’s family, Chrystelle’s family and the AMAZING staff at Le Belvedere it went off with-out a hitch, and these two just rolled with it.

So here it is my VERY FIRST groom on crutches wedding, featuring Chrystelle & Jason at Le Belvedere.

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  1. Graeme says:

    Excellent work! Way to adjust to a challenge and produce great work. What’s going on with the putter?

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