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Meet Kelsie and Brady. They are super cool, the kind of cool that is pretty effortless and they don’t even seem to be aware of it, so you just like them immediately. When these guys showed up at my studio for their consult there was wine, cheese, talk of cozy sweaters and we knew, thats it […]

Experimental Farm Engagement Session {Ottawa}


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This is Denise, her fiancé Jory and their puppy Rhubarb. We all headed over to RMC Kingston (Royal Military College) for so some play time this past weekend. Kingston did not disappoint providing us an appropriately beautiful waterfront sunset to take photos in front of. It was a gorgeous day that turned into a beautiful […]

Royal Military College Engagement, RMC {Kingston}



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This is Sam & Emily. They met living in residence at Queens University (how all the great love stories I know have begun… Cold pizza and a cute girl on the next res floor… the beginnings of a modern love story). So when we were trying to decide where to shoot their engagement photos and […]

Breakwater Park Engagement Photos {Kingston}


"We cried when we saw the photos for the first time. Nothing will ever compare to those memories. We will cherish them always, our first precious family heirloom."

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